Here and There

Curator Bora Hong has invited five studios to develope a project that makes crossovers between Dutch and Thai design ideas, materials and crafts. For Chiang Mai Design Week 2016 WANDSCHAPPEN has developed a project which combines Thai silk from the world famous Jim Thompson Silk Company and Holland wool felt. By combining these two local fabrics, designers reflect on the high mobility of societies and the constant cultural exchange of our current times.

WANDSCHAPPEN created a serie of silk-wool plants based on the Orange Trumpet (Puang Sad), a typical plant in Thai landscape. The installation consist of various sizes of these plants, which combines the wool felt on the outside and the silk material inside. All elements of the installation have been hand dyed with natural colours. The works have been developed with two young textile designers from Chiang Mai, Nararat Rakchang and Punsiri Sakulwirote from ManiMana, during a working period of two weeks in Chiang Mai, Thapae East Venue.

During the process of collaborations in Chiang Mai a second project has been developed connected to the personal story of Jeeraphat Voraphotmuangman about his Excellenty King Bhumibol. WANDSCHAPPEN the Rama IX Vase for the people of Thailand as a symbol for the mourning during a year.

Both the Installation of the Orange Trumpet and the Rama IX Vase have been part of the Exhibition Here and There in TCDC during the Chiang Mai Design Week. In this week WANDSCHAPPEN was part of a series of workshops and a round table discussion for visitors of the Chiang Mai Design Week.
On december the 8 th WANDSCHAPPEN has presented the project at the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok during a conference about business opportunities for the creative industry for Thai and Dutch Designers.

The Silk-Wool Plant Collection and the Rama IX Vase projects show an ultimate collaboration and symbiosis of ideas, techniques and materials from the Netherlands and Thailand.

WANDSCHAPPEN in collaboration with Jim Thompson, research and project development by Anouck Hus