During Art Week Rotterdam at OBJECT , Driessens & van den Baar have presented the first life size tent installation to translocate the world of refugees in the forests of Duinkerke (FR) in to the art world. “No One Is Illegal” is an installation inspired by the terrible housing situation of refugees on their way to reach England. A group of Belgium volunteers, guided by Saar Depuydt, support these people with food, clothing, tents and sleeping bags, to provide the basic necessities of life.
Driessens & van den Baar have developed a growing collection of small wool felt art works, “Duinkerke”,  to be sold. 50% Of the price, each €350,- is transferred to Saar, to support her work for the refugees Duinkerke Collection
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Thanks to the support of CBK Rotterdam and Droom en Daad Rotterdam