Memory Tree

From january 16th till february 5 th we’ve worked in Bangkok to develope a project with the bicycle company
Co van Kessel in the project Here and There.

At the moment we were talking with the people of Co van Kessel (Nong, Um Im, and Sunday)
about the DIY package as a reminder for the participants of the Sa Wa Dee Crafts Tour we havedeveloped for them
we’ve started designing our own “Memory Tree” with mainly the same materials.
For this sculpture we have used blue water pipes, bamboo baskets and orange textile.

The sculpture is a surrealistic sign of very realistic, daily elements. The waterpipes provide the main source of life
in Bangkok (and anywhere else): fresh water. Like a growing tree the pipes find their way in the empty chicken baskets,
assembled like an piled hourglass, pointing out the limited time of living we have on earth, compairing to the very old
sacred trees all around the city.