Looking for Ulrixa

For the Apprentice & Master Program Kunstpodium-T Tilburg has invited us to be the masters of the group of young artists (graduated past years from several Dutch art schools) . From November 2023 til March 2024 we’ve worked on a collaborative show in which only new works will be presented. Without this program, whiteout this group, the works would never have been made.

Before the opening Kunstpodium-T had organized an Artist Talk with Veerle Driessen, museum curator and author, closed with a dinner.

The solo-exhibition ‘Looking For Ulrixa’: takes you on a journey through different phases of artist Ulrixa’s (1984) career. All works chosen for this exhibition are linked to her search for a home.
In curating the exhibition, Ulrixa was assisted by a collective consisting of: Eva van Ooijen, Ivo van den Baar, Karma Hamed, Nicole Driessens, Sixin Zeng and Wout Peeters.

Questions underlying the works they have selected for this exhibition are: What does your ancestry mean, to which group do you belong, which country offers you a home, how do you manifest yourself, what is your visual language and in what context is your work visible? Questions that connect Ulrixa’s work to important social issues such as migration and gender emancipation. Craftsmanship and attention to the making process are an essential part of the works, in which photography and textiles are predominant media.

Time runs through the exhibition as a common thread. In some works past and present collide, an example of that is the collection of “rejected artworks” which Ulrixa, after hiding them for years, reprocessed into an installation. In another work, Ulrixa goes back to the first memories she has of art making together with her mother. The exhibition was completed by a textile work inspired by a recent self-portrait.

With support of: Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Tilburg, Kunstloc Brabant