No horizon is visible in Horizon. The row of silhouettes of trees, black because of the backlight, retains an orange glow, as if the evening sun from behind the horizon causes the backlight.
The Horizon is the hopeful prospect of the Avondland (the other name for Europe), which many people from Africa, the Middle East and Asia try to reach, often by sea.

The material is black wool felt, polystyrene plate and orange reflective foil. Black wool felt is one of the deepest black materials due to its complete lack of shine. The orange foil is one of the highly reflective materials, in this case on a white wall, making it appear as if light has been placed behind the work.

Part of the collection of art works in the solo show ‘Collateral Damage’ in Gallery Untitled Rotterdam, October the 15th 2023 – January th 21st 2024

woolfelt, polystyreen plate, reflective foil
160 x 100 x 3 cm
Limited edition of 9

SOLD 2 pieces