Here and There – Bangkok Design Week

Curator Bora Hong and project director Lidia Vajda started Here and There in 2016 in Chiangmai Thailand,
invited for Chiangmai Design Week 2017 by TCDC Chiangmai. The second edition took place in Berlin 2017,
the third edition takes place in Bangkok during Bangkok Design Week on invitation of TCDC Bangkok.

Here and There is a cultural exchange program using design to reflect on contemporary culture and to explore the future
of traditions. Despite the undeniable fact that internet allows instant connections and research, Here and There aims to bring
this network into action, facilitate “learning by going”, and discover the possibilities cross-cultural collaboration.

Participating studios in Bangkok 2018:
Makkink & Bey, Lucas Maassen , Marije Vogelzang, Lio de Bruin, Margriet Craens, Atelier NL en WANDSCHAPPEN
with support of Creative Industry Fund NL, Dutch Embassy Bangkok

From the first day the Nicole and Ivo have arrived in Bangkok they went out on the streets to gather materials, skills and other impressions
to develop their project. Interesting was not only the craft like workshops but also the daily use of materials. So they have choosen three
different materials to work with:

The bamboo basket is everywhere, to carry food, garbage, chickens, laundry or construction materialls
The colorful tule is a religious material, wrapped around the holy trees, to please the gods but also wrapped around the mirrors of a taxi, to protect the taxi driver.
The blue water pipes are a beautiful functional element whit a powerful visual sign on and in buildings.

These three materials were choosen for a sculptural impression of the research to show in the Here & There exhibition in Lhong 1919 and to design the
Do It Yourself package, designed for the tourists who will be part of the SaWas Dee Craft Tour made for Co van Kessel bicycle tours in Bangkok.
The sculpture “Memory Tree” is a surrealistic sign of very realistic, daily elements: blue waterpipes, bamboo baskets and orange fabric.
The water pipes provide the main source of lifein Bangkok (and anywhere else): fresh water. Like a growing jungle tree the pipes find their way in the
building in the city as well as in the empty chicken baskets, assembled like a piled hourglass in the sculpture. It points out the limited time of living we
have on earth, compairing to the very old trees all around the city.

The Sawas Dee Craft Tour is made visible by sets of water pipes with colorful fabrics and a sign on the bicycles of Co van Kessel. The DIY package is a basket
to carry your water, coffee and lunch instead of all the plastic bags people receive every day all around the city.