BOVENOP ZUID is the title of the art project in which 25 visual artists from Rotterdam South are commissioned to install a a site specific artwork to
be presented at the Rotterdamse Dakendagen, from 1ste – 30th of June 2023.  Nieuw Charlois has gathered a group of six artists for this commission:
Pip Passchier, Ruud Goedhart, Bastiaan de Kramer, Willem Besselink, Jelmer Noordeman and us.
The artwork we’ve developed is called “Greenpower”. It’s an installation about the power of green in this completely desolated area on the roofs of
the mall Zuidplein, where all the chimneys and airco’s spit the terrible smells of junkfood coming from the junkfood shop down in the mall.

Two growing structures, made of wool felt, imply that the mall is starting to be taken over by some strange and aggressive life forms as a reaction of
nature on all the destroying consumer behaviour of the people in the mall. It’s time for a change and nature is starting it for us.
The first to be reached on the roofs is a black and white thorny ivy, an elegant grafick structure with small black and white flowers, the second one
is a deep ultramarine blue structure with vivid branches crawling over the roof, carrying strange growing shapes with them, here and there attached to the chimneys.
They are plant lik animals, or animal looking plants, quietly moving in the wind.

Material: Wool felt, steel wires
Size: 10 x 2 m and 10 x 7 m
This artwork has been made possible by a grant for Artistic Practice of CBK Rotterdam,