Chiang Mai Design Week 2016

Here and There is proud to be part of the 2nd Chiang Mai Design Week from 3-11th December. Visit our exhibition, attend our workshops, round table discussion, open air cinema and lecture.

Here and There program invited 5 designers who represent Holland design thinking with their unusual approach in knowledge management and design research. By working on Thai related social issues and local materials, both Holland and Thai creatives can grow together from the common ground of strong curiosity about new design culture rooted in local craftsmanship and knowledge, a true inspiration for both cultures.

The foundation of the program is the exhibition from the works of AtelierNL, Lucas Maassen&Margriet Craens, Wandschappen, Bora Hong and Nanu Youttananukorn at TCDC Chiang Mai building, enriched with a round table discussion, 3 workshops and a lecture by Thomas Widdershoven as a part of CMDW conference.
Find out more on our website: Here and There

Here and There:
Director: Bora Hong
Project coordinator: Lidia Vajda
Production manager: Jeeraphat Voraphotmuangman
Production assistants: Tauras Stalnionis and Normal Supattharachai
Designers: Thomas Widdershoven, Nadine Sterk (AtelierNL), Lonny van Ryswyck (AtelierNL), Bora Hong, Nicole Driessens (WANDSCHAPPEN), Ivo van den Baar (WANDSCHAPPEN), Lucas Maassen, Margriet Craens, Nanu Youttananukorn.
Supported by: Creative Industries Funds NL, TCDC Chiang Mai, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Nuffic Neso Thailand.
Partners: Jim Thomspon, Thapae East – Venue for Creative Arts.