The Forest

As part of the project “No One Is Illegal”  “The Forest”  is a large tapestry of wool felt, monochrome blue.
The artwork has been sewn in different layers, size 120 x 130 cm.
Since March 2020, when Covid 19 started to control our lives, we’ve started to help Saar Depuydt from Gent (BE) who helps refugees in Duinkerke (FR)
who try to reach England, with making small artworks from pictures of the site. This serie is a continuing project (as long as Saar helps the refugees) of making and selling new Duinkerke works. Half of the price of € 350,- is donated to Saar and her crew.
The Forest” is a new concept, a large Felt artwork, coming from the same theme. It’s a more concentrated and complex work to search for a visual depth of this human drama.