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Exhibition HOMO FABER, the show about creativity and craftsmanship in San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice

On my way to the Galactic Supermarket, need anything ?

Bcademie show in Garage Rotterdam, with 38 students and 7 tutors.

Graduation Bcademie 2017 / 2018 at studio WANDSCHAPPEN

Graduation of Bcademie: 38 artists get their diploma

“On my way to the Galactic Supermarket, need anything?”

Bcademie Final Show 2018 in De Garage Rotterdam

Bloemenpracht bij MIJ

Museum IJsselstein: the curated show by Bob Negryn and Mary Waters, a selection of Flowers in Art and Design

Waited for the Fish Corner

Gallery HOMMES: opening 6 july 7 pm. www.hommes.nl Open: 6 july - 8 esptember, thu, fri, sat 2 - 6 pm

Masterclass during Charlois Speciaal

The Masterclass in Studio WANDSCHAPPEN with 30 people from Charlois was finished successfully.

Interview Financieel Dagblad

FD Persoonlijk: Groene Vingers, artists interviews

100% Plantaardig

Groupshow in Galerie LaKaserna 17 maart - 22 april 2018

Here and There Catalogue Edition 1

Crossovers between Dutch and Thai Creatives

WANDSCHAPPEN in Milano 17 – 22 april 2018

Two presentations of the Feltplant Collections of WANDSCHAPPEN at Vitra and MDF Italia, during Salone del Mobile Milano 2018


Art Show at Galerie HOMMES. 19 january - 9 february 2018

OBJECT Rotterdam

OBJECT Rotterdam, design fair during Art Week Rotterdam, 9 - 11 february 2018

Here and There – Bangkok Design Week

Artist in Residency project Here and There Bangkok, 16 january - 3 february 2018

This Art Fair

This Art Fair - Art Fair - Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam 27 - 30 december 2017

Traces of Existence

exhibition of new work at NL=US Art opening june 9 until july 16, 2017

Chiang Mai Design Week 2016

Here and There: Dutch designers represented in Chaing Mai Design Week 2016

POOL expo

Visit the group exhibition POOL at Oostelijk Zwembad (15 & 16 october)

Autumn Show The Frozen Fountain

exposition at The Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam opening 7 October 2016

Artist in Residence KUNSTLOKET JBZ

BLOG met online verslag van kunstproject 'KUNSTLOKET JBZ' (26 sep. - 18 nov.)

The exhibition Gispen Specials at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (until 26 februari 2017)

An Alocasia XL in the exhibition and brochure about Gispen.

WOTH wonderful things

A new magazine about wonderful things (september 2016)

Strelitzia’s in Gent

Two Strelitzia's in the new shop of Men at Work in Gent, Belgium. (aug. 2016)

Telegraaf WONEN, 25-06-2016

Trendwatcher Monique van der Reijden

Charlois TV Wijkjournaal

reportage about studio WANDSCHAPPEN and interview Ivo van den Baar

MOOIS TV Rijnmond

TV Rijnmond item in MOOIS about Charlois Speciaal, in the studio of WANDSCHAPPEN and the project Cityscape.

Charlois Speciaal

interview with Nicole Driessens and Ivo van den Baar