OBJECT Rotterdam

OBJECT Rotterdam, Anne van der Zwaag , has invited Driessens & van den Baar WANDSCHAPPEN to be part of the show in the HAKA building during Art Week Rotterdam, 1 – 4 july 2021. (Of course if Covid 19 regulations will allow the event to take place.)
For this 2021 edition Driessens & van den Baar will develop a large scale Felt installation of the Duinkerke series, started October the 6 th 2020 in Gallery Untitled. It’s a project about the refugees trying to survive in the forests around Duinkerke France, on their way to England. With this project they support Saar Depuydt, the women who, together with a group of friends, helps the refugees with food, tents and clothes.
Covid 19 has made life quite difficult for all of us, not least for people in the art sector, but compared to these refugees we have nothing to complain about. We must realize that we Europeans are to a large extent the cause of this problem and should therefore solve it instead of ignoring it. “No one is illegal” facebook.com/saardepudyt